Oh No! Miss USA Contestants Look Like Porn Stars not Pageant Queens!

05/11/2010 06:37 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"They're not looking to bring peace to the world," Shugart explained to Today show co-host Matt Lauer on May 11. That's why it was not just OK, but it actually made sense to have the 51 contestants photographed in bust- and leg-revealing, bras, panties, fish-net stockings and open men's shirts, while laying on beds and chaise lounges, for their pageant promo shot.

The "come hither" black and white photos make the contestants look more like members of Tiger Woods' harem than the young ladies who supposedly combine beauty and brains we're used to seeing in pageants.

Geez, remember when it was a big deal that bikinis were introduced into the formerly one-piece swimsuit competition?

Girls in bikinis appear chaste next to this year's crop of potential Miss USAs, who all also are adorned in masses of long wild hair, heavy smoky make-up and pouty lipstick.

For the shocking reactions to the sexed up Miss USA's and Donald Trump's defense click to read more!

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