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Oh No! The Downhome Obama Oval Office Makeunder Is a Disaster -- Here's Why!

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BFFs, I'm appalled by the Oval Office makeunder, are you? Don't you feel like the President of the United States needs to sit in a room that has a certain regality to it? The Oval Office couches shouldn't look like they're ready for White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs to sprawl out on with clickers, ready to watch the football game!

And what's with those Crate and Barrel-esque lamps? I can't believe that characterless lamps that look like they cost $49.99 have replaced the elegant gold and porcelain fixtures of before.

I understand that Barack -- I'm calling him by his first name because he appears to want us to think he's our neighbor -- has used the concept of the "President is just like us," to relate to us regular folks. but de-formalizing the Oval office is taking it too far!

Here's why we need Glenn Beck to intervene!

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