06/29/2010 06:03 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Taylor Momsen Is 16 & Selling Herself Through Sex -- STOP! Or Child Services Needs to Be Called!

Taylor Momsen, one of the stars of Gossip Girl, is trying hard to make it as a rocker exploiting her sexy corset, garter and stocking-clad body for attention. And her role model is a 16 year-old drug addict. Can someone stop the sexploitation?

Here’s the deal: last weekend Taylor performed both Friday and Saturday nights in a nylon corset so short it exposed her underpants,plus garters and black stockings. Both nights her well-endowed breasts were almost falling out of her corset top; she sported thick ,dark black eyeliner circled heavily around her eyes and wore high clear lucite heels with the word “tips” embellished on them with dollar bills, visible inside. Nice!

Is this any way for any 16-year-old girl to dress? “She looks like she’s a hooker who’s been ravaged sexually — like she’s had rough sex,” asserts Cooper Lawrence, psychology expert and author of The Cult of Celebrity. “She’s wearing clothing that prostitutes wore in bordellos. A girl who wears garters is sending the message that she’s easily available sexually.”

Well, that’s an extremely disturbing message for any minor to be sending, especially when her audience is a mix of young teen and tween Gossip Girl show fans, and now older men, turned on by her performances with her new band, appropriately named, The Pretty Reckless.

The last time a 16-year-old made a music career out of appearing on stage clad only in a corset, panties, stockings and dark eyeliner, was when Joan Jett’s infamous Runaways lead singer, Cherie Currie created this identical sexually provocative look, circa 1976 that Taylor is now copying completely.

Take a look at the pics here of blond Cherie whose nickname was Cherry Bomb, and whose 16-year-old “jailbait” appeal was hugely exploited by the bands’ manager. Taylor has actually admitted in interviews to being inspired by Joan Jett’s hair. “I pulled up a bunch of photos of Joan Jett and said, “do that to my hair.” I think she’s referring to the wild roughness of Jett’s do. But hey, I think she was inspired by a lot more of Joan than her hair.

In any case, Cherie Currie is hardly the role model you’d want a 16-year-old girl to have today. She famously became a drug addict, overdosed, quit the band and battled drug addiction for many years. Oh, and that’s after she experimented with a whole lot of sex — heterosexual, lesbian and group bed-ins.