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Hooray to Will and Kate for Revolutionizing the Monarchy With Their PDA

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For years, royalty was untouchable and unrelatable. But in the space of just 66 days since they were married, William and Kate have overturned the stuffy and stuck-up royal image. PDA has played a big part in doing it and here's why.

The big break took place last weekend when the pair shared a full-on embrace on Canada's Prince Edward Island after they competed against each other in a traditional dragon boat race.

After Prince William's team took first place, the enthusiastic prince couldn't help himself -- he just had to reach for Kate in a full-on hug.

What would be totally normal behavior for any couple, especially newlyweds, is not normal for a direct heir to the British throne.

Has Prince Philip ever publicly hugged Queen Elizabeth? Did Prince Charles ever hug Princess Diana? Do cows fly? Uh, that would be no.

In fact, British royals have taken a dim view of touching in general. Royal protocol dictates that the Queen isn't supposed to be touched by anyone unless she touches them first. Remember when Michelle Obama set British tongues wagging when she hugged the Queen after first meeting her in April 1, 2009 at Buckingham Palace?

Well, William and Kate have been touchy-feely ever since they touched down in Canada. William guided Kate through the crowds on July 1, Canada Day, putting his arm around her with his hand resting on her back. Then, Kate rested her hand on William's leg later in the day.

But the real jaw-dropper was the Prince Edward Island hug. It was warm, natural and completely unaffected.

With that hug, William signaled to the world he will not be stifled by his title and he will be his mother's son. Princess Diana raised him with hugs and he will continue to be affectionate, even when he's king.

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