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Behind the Scenes of a Fashion Photo Shoot

Posted: 04/15/2011 10:47 am

If you lust fashion, the thrill of a photo shoot is music to your ears. What if I told you we have an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look into the spring Boutique Week photo shoot? If you've ever been on set at a fashion photo shoot, you know that it is a style Mecca where your most luxe dreams come true -- an abundance of beautiful clothes, an immense amount of fabulous jewelry, and what seems like too many accessories for one girl to feast her eyes on in a single day. If you have never had the pleasure of working at a shoot, keep reading for an exclusive look behind the scenes.

With the excitement of Boutique Week less than a week away, what better time to share all of the amazing looks we used in our photo shoot? It was all ladies on set. In a fun and relaxed atmosphere, photographer Natalia Borecka was creating magic through the lens of her camera. Makeup artistry by Liz created the makeup looks for the shoot while stylist Amanda Maciel Antunes worked hard several days before putting together outfits. What might seem like a top and a skirt for you in a dual shot of Olga and Polina was actually a dress that our stylist inventively used as a top. That's the beauty of fashion -- creativity. You can experiment with every piece and wear it in your own way. Taking risks definitely pays off in fashion.

The beauty of an image is also in its movement. The models learn how to create the movement in a still frame. You hear the camera click and the model changes a pose. It is like a dance between photographer and model -- all aligned, in sync and you cannot help but feel grateful witnessing the dance as it is taking place.

For the spring photo shoot there were six looks from local Boston boutiques, Twilight, Bling Boutique, and The Orange Hanger for each of our models. With chic color combinations and stylish accessories it was definitely every fashionista's dream.

The shoot left us more enthusiastic about Boutique Week than ever as we saw looks from participating boutiques come together to create beautifully elegant, yet edgy looks. If you weren't already craving revamping your wardrobe, the photos from the shoot will certainly do it and plant the shopping bug. The only cure? Shopping of course!

-Brianna Lapolla

Looks from the Photo Shoot
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For the first look Olga (left) is wearing a dress (as a shirt) by Esley from Bling Boutique, skirt by Jack from The Orange Hanger, necklace and ring from Twilight, and a bracelet from Bling Boutique; shoes are model's own.
Polina is wearing a shirt from Bling Boutique, Jacket by Mystree from The Orange Hanger, skirt by The Addison Story from Twilight, and a necklace from The Orange Hanger; shoes are model's own
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