10/25/2010 12:18 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Boutique Week Launches in Boston... In A Big Way

I have been to plenty of fashion parties in Boston, but none have ever been as big, bold and beautiful as the one Thursday night at Liberty Hotel. I'd be lying if I said you didn't miss much. You missed a lot! Not only was it a night to celebrate BW's "birthday," but one of my favorite's, National Jean Company put on a fabulous fashion show with all the hottest fall trends. Army inspired garb, furs, booties, jeans, jeans and more jeans, and their take on how to stay chic and comfy this upcoming season.

Watching the models was one thing, but there was so much people watching going on, you could feel the stares shooting around like it was the Fourth of July. There were really some amazing people that came to support the event: Jeff Rudes, owner of J.Brand Jeans; Steve Simon, owner of National Jean Company with his two beautiful and always oh-so-chic daughters; Jill and Stacy Simon; Oscar Adames, celeb stylist; Kim Khazei from Channel 7 News; the Boldfacers crew; The Improper Bostonian; Milan Lucic and the some of his Boston Bruins teammates; and of course, the founders of Boutique Week, Olga Vidisheva and Polina Raygorodskaya.

In support of all the boutiques participating in Boutique Week, many of the guests strutted around like walking advertisements. If I could rip the clothes off some of these people, I would have... Olga was wearing the cutest print dress from Cotelac and necklace from Melene Kent Jewels and Polina, in a hot-to-trot black dress from National Jean Company.

I guess it took something like this, a launch party for the hottest new shopping website, to bring all the fashionistas from underneath their stylish rocks. Nice of you to finally come out and play.

Boutique Week runs until October 31st. Don't forget to register before it's too late to gain your free access code to enjoy what everyone else will be, come Sunday.

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