03/15/2006 04:37 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Another E-Voting Whistleblower Steps Forward -- This Time Deep in the 'Hart' of Texas!

How many more will it take before the Mainstream Media begins to understand -- or at least investigate -- what the hell is going on here?!

Continuing in what is -- unfortunately -- a nearly-exclusive BRAD BLOG series of Voting Machine Vendor and Election Fraud whistleblowers, another insider, from yet another voting machine company, has now come forward to reveal a myriad of known problems inside both the company and in several states and counties with whom they do business.

This time, the whistle is blown in the State of Texas (as well as Ohio), where last week's Primary Elections were riddled with scores of "computer glitches" -- as voting officials and electronic voting machine vendors like to refer to them.

Many of those "glitches" occurred on electronic voting equipment manufactured and supplied to various counties in Texas by the Hart InterCivic company. The latest whistleblower, William Singer of Fort Worth, who had attempted to warn officials back in 2004 about the impending problems, was a Hart InterCivic employee.

One such "glitch" occurred in Texas' Tarrant County, which encompasses Fort Worth. That "glitch" resulted in some 100,000 votes being added to the result totals across the county's paperless Hart-Intercivic "eSlate" touch-screen voting system. After leaving Hart InterCivic, Singer went to work as an "Election Programmer" in Tarrant County.

Given his bona fides then, one would think that letters sent to Texas's Secretary of State and Attorney General warning of "criminal fraud" within the company and within Tarrant County, might have attracted someone's attention -- or at least triggered an investigation. It didn't.

Election Officials in Tarrant claim they didn't look into the problems as they began emerging on Election Night last week since, as reported by the Star-Telegram, "they were dealing with a new system, new procedures and some new equipment."

The BRAD BLOG can now report, however, that -- according to the letters sent by Singer as long ago as July of 2004 -- the problems with Hart InterCivic's systems in Tarrant County, Texas and elsewhere are not new at all. Not by a longhorn long shot...

For the complete story on Singer's complaints, ignored by everyone, and the full text of his letters to both Secretaries of State in both Texas and Ohio, see my complete report at The BRAD BLOG.

Then, ask yourself, why the hell I'm virtually the only one reporting on this stuff. I know I ask that same question just about every damned day.

Brad Friedman is the proprieter and investigative blogger at He has been reporting, almost all by himself, on a number of E-Voting Whistleblowers for some time. Amongst them Clint Curtis in Florida, and a Diebold insider known as 'DIEB-THROAT'.