01/10/2006 09:12 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Connecting Ohio's Bob Ney and the Electoral Fraud Dots...

Sure, now the Mainstream Media gives a damn about Ohio's dirty, yet powerful, congressman Bob Ney. Now that the criminals Jack Abramoff and Michael Scanlon have plead guilty and fingered him for them.

Okay, so now that criminals have told everyone that Bob Ney is a crook, that somehow translates into the Mainstream Media coverage of the guy which should have been splashed across the nation's papers for the last 4 years.

You'd think when some of us -- who aren't criminals -- have been telling you he's no good that it might have gotten at least a little bit of notice by the MSM. But, whatever...

Now that it's "official" and we can all discuss Bob Ney as a bad guy, out in the open and everything, do you think you MSM guys can start investigating a few of his crimes that haven't been handed to you on a silver platter by the criminals?...I mean, without the two or three year delay this time?

Here's the deal: Bob Ney was one of the authors and lead co-sponsors of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002. You know that one right? Maybe you don't. It's the bill that used the phony confusion of the 2000 Florida Election Debacle along with the specter of poor disabled people roaming the country desperate and helplessly unable to vote unless they were given paperless, hackable, un-recountable Electronic Voting Machines in every precinct in America. The kind that can only work at all if the software they use is kept a complete secret from every voter in the country, except those who work for one of America's Voting Machine Companies like Diebold, Inc. for instance.

Guess what? Bad boy Abramoff's firm has receiving payments from Diebold, Inc.! And, so far, nobody knows what for!

But guess who else Diebold's been paying off to make sure HAVA will never be tampered with -- even though they don't seem to care if our elections will be) -- Bob Ney's former chief of staff, David DiStefano! He received thousands of dollars from Diebold to make sure his buddy Bob pushed HAVA through, and once it was in place, made sure it stayed there. As is. Because it's perfect!

Any changes to it -- like the bill which would mandate paper records for every vote cast, the one that's been languishing in the house for more than three years with nearly 160 bi-partisan co-sponsors, the one that hasn't been allowed to see the light of day because Bob Ney refuses to hold hearings on it in his U.S. House Administration Committee -- will not be tolerated! Not if Bob Ney has anything to say about it! And it turns out he does!

And -- boy, howdy! -- has Ney been hard at work for all of those Diebold dollars! Unlike the Indian tribes, who Bob Ney only told he would include help for in HAVA, Diebold appears to have actually received quite a bit out of Ney for their investment!

And just so you know, DiStefano was also the guy working for that strange Aviation company that paid for Ney's trips to London wherein he turned a $100 bet at a casino into a $34,000 payday! And not a moment too soon, since he had some $30,000 in credit card debt right up until that lucky day!

I only mention that part of the story, because some of it's already been mentioned by the bad guys, and I thought perhaps if I connected some of the dots between what the bad guys told you, and what I've been trying to tell you for some time, that maybe you might look into a bit and perhaps even report on it!

Please do. And to try and see that you don't ignore these dots again, I've tried to put a whole bunch of them into one single, easy-to-understand article, with lots of neat links and stuff for further background to help you get started!

Need more? Here's a tantalizing graphic for ya!

Don't say I never gave you anything!

And, as if that's not enough, I promise, if you look into these matters, and contact me with any further questions (yes, I got a lot more), I won't be nearly as sarcistic and snarky as I've been in this blog item. I'll be very nice and helpful and will point you to where the bodies are buried and will be eternally thankful that you bothered to look into these matters at all because it's damned time you guys help get to the bottom of what's really gone wrong in this country. What has gone so wrong, in fact, that it may keep anybody from ever being able to vote these bad guys out of office. No matter how much you report on what they've done wrong three or four years after they've done it.

Again, that nice, easy-to-understand article, with all matters of information on Bob Ney and his connections to Electoral Fraud in Ohio and soon all across America is right here.

Thanks for your consideration. Seriously. We need you. Cuz there's more here...much more.