The Beastie Boys & The Blue Nun: Great Stories from Peter Sichel

05/13/2011 01:49 pm ET | Updated Jul 13, 2011

Peter M.F. Sichel, an iconic name in the wine industry, led no ordinary life. Born in 1922 in Mainz Germany, Peter was born into a family of wine merchants, which he is the fourth generation. At the outbreak of World War II, he along with his family members fled the Nazis to the Pyrenees. Peter was twelve.

He was educated in England, and through some gratuitous connections was able to flee to the United States after completing his education. He joined the Army, and the CIA, where he ultimately became a bureau chief in Hong Kong. Peter left the CIA in 1959, an here in 2011 are a series of three "webisodes" that tell some of his story through World War II, the marketing of Blue Nun in his family business, and the unlikely chance encounter with the Beastie Boys.

During a down time for German wines in the US , Peter was a clear and articulate champion for the wines of Germany. He has also been a lead voice for the wines of Bordeaux. However, he freely admits, he was never more famous than the time he did that "Beastie Boys Thing".

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