02/27/2013 04:26 pm ET Updated Apr 29, 2013

Lesley Arfin, Staff Writer on Girls , Talks Nudity, Body Image and the Creative Courage of Lena Dunham

Other People with Brad Listi is a free, twice-weekly podcast featuring in-depth interviews with today's leading authors. The show focuses on the writers themselves -- their lives, their struggles, their successes, and how they approach their work.


Here's an excerpt from Episode 151, a revealing conversation with Lesley Arfin, a staff writer on the first two seasons of the hit television show Girls, starring Lena Dunham, as well as the MTV series Awkward. Her book, Dear Diary, is based on a column of the same name that originally appeared in Vice magazine. It was published by Vice Books/MTV Press in 2007.

Here, she talks about her work on Girls -- the creative collaboration in the writers' room, Lena's decision to appear nude, and the passionate discussions that the show has incited in its viewers.

Thanks for listening, everybody. Enjoy.

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