Nerd News Roundup: Useful Stuff You Probably Missed

07/19/2011 09:36 pm ET | Updated Sep 18, 2011

Most people are too busy using their technology to think about how they could use it better. Let me help you with that.

Nerd News Roundup is culled from tech and science blogs, with special attention given to items related to trends in media, politics, and journalism. It is designed for writers who do not have the time or inclination to search for this stuff on their own.

Interesting Enough to Read the Headline

(…but probably not the rest)

  • China Looking to Buy a Chunk of Facebook: This Week in Online Tyranny (rww)

  • T-Mobile Amps Their “4G” Network To 42Mbps in 56 New Regions, Still Has No 42Mbps-Compatible Phones (techcrunch)

  • 1 in 10 Pets Have a Social Networking Profile [STUDY] (mashable)

  • 10 Animals With More Social Media Fans Than Major Media Outlets (mashable)

  • Dear Netflix, Thanks For The Customers! Signed, Redbox (techcrunch)

  • daily uniques down ~60% since sale to AOL. (google via hacker news)

  • Potato genome sequenced (physorg)

  • Police adopting iPhone-based facial-recognition device (tuaw)

  • Google Maps Terrorizes Jersey Woman by Designating Her House a State Park (gizmodo)

  • Scientists discover first gonorrhea strain resistant to all available antibiotics (medicalxpress)
  • You Might Find This Useful:

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    • Mac OS X Lion: This Is Not the Future We Were Hoping For (lifehacker)

    • TUAW’s Daily Mac App: Disk Inventory X (tuaw)

  • Slingshot Makes Taking Screenshots and Sharing Them One Key-Command Away (lifehacker)

  • Airfoil 4.5 allows streaming from your iOS device to your Mac and more (tuaw)

  • TUAW’s Daily Mac App: AppTrap (tuaw)

  • ReadNow Brings Instapaper & Read-It-Later To A Sleek Mac Interface [Mac 10.6+] (muo)

  • Meteorologist Puts Incredibly Detailed Weather in Your Mac's Menu Bar (lifehacker)
  • #iPhone

    Fight Information Overload With Trimit on iPhone

    This 99 cent app can take copied text or URLs (like links I’ve favorited on Twitter, for example) and apply an algorithm that shortens bodies of text thousands of characters long down to one thousand, five hundred or 140 characters automatically. How well does it work? It works well enough for me to appreciate it. Check out the demo video below. (rww)

    • Turn Your iPhone into a Radiation Detector (gizmodo)

    • The Best Camera App for iPhone (lifehacker)

  • iPhone Bottle Opener is the Holy Grail for lovers of beer and tech (dvice)

  • Add an Instant-Record Button to Your Home Screen and Never Miss the Money Shot (lifehacker)

  • Stitch Your Own Designs Onto This iPhone Case (gizmodo)

  • REVIEW: iPhone App Now Works With Dragon NaturallySpeaking (mashable)
  • #iPad

    • 5 Free Collaborative Whiteboard Apps For the iPad (rww)

    • StumbleUpon Redesigns & Launches Its iPad App (muo)