07/20/2012 06:55 pm ET | Updated Sep 18, 2012

Say No to Mitt Romney

So Mitt Romney believes that he is the Black man's guy. He feels like He is the best choice to fix the Black community. Please, excuse me as I try to put together sentences that do not make me throw up a little in my mouth. Seriously?!?! Romney, I mean this with the greatest respect possible, but, were you high when you made that claim to the NAACP?

There are some things that have been bugging me tremendously about Mitt Romney's claims. First though, allow me to applaud the man for what could be a political move of genius proportions. It takes some serious 'moxey' to speak to the NAACP, urging for the Black vote, when President Obama- who has been hailed as the best thing since sliced bread in the Black community- is running for reelection. I give Mitt Romney and A for effort on that one.

However, his claim stands to reason why Romney is the exact opposite of the best thing for the Black community. First of all, do not champion yourself as being "the best" unless you know the true issues facing the Black community. Certainly, unemployment statistics for Blacks are horrible. However, there is a bigger, underlined issue with why those statistics are so horrible. For starters, Blacks still make 15 cents to the dollar less than their White counter parts. Blacks are still heavily underrepresented in positions that create policies, on boards of Fortune 500 companies and within the middle to upper management sectors of education. Therefore, we are still at significantly lessened social and economic standings. With this, if Blacks lose their jobs- jobs that weren't paying enough to sustain living anyway- they are going to struggle far more. Where is your plan to fix this issue Romney? How can the Black community change when no one ever asks us, use our knowledge of our communities and/or trust us to earn the same living wage as the next, White man? Do you have a plan for that Romney?

Statistics are great for telling a story that is simplistic and over manipulated. However, Mr. Romney, how many of your advisors are Black? You see, there is truth in the notion that people who look like those you seek to represent and are "the best" for, may actually help you to represent them. You have unfortunately made the same fatal error that many people make. Please do not assume to represent a culture, a race and/or a group of people when you have no one who can relate to and tell their story!
Then, the education quota is thrown up as the new civil rights crisis for Black America. Ok, let's talk about that....Mitt Romney feels and I quote, "all the talk about we need smaller classroom size, look that's promoted by the teachers unions to hire more teachers...we need more school choice and to take the federal government out of education." Stated by Romney in the Arizona Republican Presidential Debate.

So, in other words, this man, who is "the best" for Blacks and the Black community, doesn't believe that the overcrowded classrooms within which most Black students are sitting, exists. Nope. That is a fairytale, brought about by Teacher Unions that are inherently evil because they want to hire more teachers! Did I miss something? Isn't hiring more teachers, a good thing? Especially when the education policies for this country states that kids can be in classes with over 30 students if they are middle and high schoolers, and up to 25 students if they are elementary kids? Would we not want more teachers so that we avoid overcrowding? Likewise, more choice means less funding for the already over taxed and under-funded public schools that most Black students attend. So again, who is best for Blacks? And if this is our civil rights agenda for this generation, Romney, you need to rethink your policies if you want to represent us! Unless, of course, we are only mere pawns in your political chess match.

The bottom line is simple; Romney expects to spit out propaganda, use Blacks in his political war and play us all at the same time. The trouble is we need to be smarter than booing him at the NAACP conference, and educate ourselves on his tactics and blatant disregard for our needs, as if we are stupid. At the end of the day, what is best for us, is someone who takes a serious look at our communities, our issues and our needs. That, I am afraid, is not Mr. Romney.