10/15/2013 09:39 am ET

The Great American Dictatorship

It appears to me, this country has firmly reentered the days of hatred and pillage due to ideologies, not facts or logic. I have heard this song and dance, far too often. Obama, not President Obama or Mr. Commander In Chief, which by the people, are titles he rightfully holds, has ruined this country! Democrats and liberal idiots, as many state, are making this a socialist nation with communist ideals.

However, those same folks are forgetting the damages being done by the other side too. Tea Party Republicans who are hell bent on making a statement at the American people's expense, have single-handedly made the country a partial dictatorship. Oh, does that surprise you? How, some of you ask? Consider House Rule XXII, Clause 4. Once upon a time, in a land for the people, and by the people, the house members had the privilege of opening the government from shutdown. That is, if people encouraged their elected officials to fight for their needs, it was plausible that a vote could be called to get our country back on track.

Today, unfortunately, extremists within the Republican Party have altered this long standing rule, with House Resolution 368 -- an amendment which passed on or about, October 1. This resolution effectively mandates that only the House Majority Leader or his designee, may make a motion pursuant to House Rule XXII, Clause 4. In effect then, only one man or whom he feels is appropriate, may move to reopen the government and work toward a resolution. Is that not how a dictator acts? I mean, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, the chances are high that it is, in fact, a duck. Still, the ideological frameworks for much of the debates about our government would block these references and continue to spew hatred, venom, ideology and muck, all posed as fact!

The bottom line is simple. Everyone is losing! There can be no winners when our country is polarized and failing to work together. It wasn't too far off in our nation's history that we used these same lines to enslave cultures of people, for political gain. It isn't too far-fetched to believe that those days could return. Further, was it not for democracy and freedom, that we waged war on Iraq? Where is the war for democracy now? Nothing can be achieved through political posturing and insane claims from the far sides of both parties. This is not democracy! As a tax paying, voting, American citizen, I deserve more!

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