06/21/2007 05:09 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Abu Ghraib Cover-up About to Explode

Every American should read Sy Hersh's long
and important piece in the current issue of
The New Yorker, about Abu Ghraib.

General Antonio Taguba is one of the most
honorable and respected senior officers and
was put in charge of the investigation of Abu

In the Hersh piece, on the record, the General
asserts that his career was threatened and he
was forced into early retirement. He charges
that he was ordered by Donald Rumsfeld to not
investigate higher-ups and raises the very real
possibility that Rumsfeld lied to Congress on the

Check out a piece I wrote the The Hill aimed
at a Washington insider audience and behind
the scenes I am urging senior Democrats to
launch full aggressive investigations. I would
urge others to do the same, to expose and hold
accountable any senior officials responsible for
Abu Ghraib, and similar torture in Guantanamo
or anywhere else.

Note: any investigation of torture would reach
throughout Rumsfeld and his neoconservative
insiders, the shadow CIA set up in the Defense
Department, Alberto Gonzales as White House
Counsel and Vice President Cheney as the
free world's leading senior advocate for torture.