09/14/2006 09:26 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Challenge To Colin Powell: Endorse Democrats

With our President appearing to declare Holy
War not only against terrorists but against
everyone except right wing Republicans;
with Afghanistan and Iraq policy in genuine
and grave danger; with American credibility
around the world in tatters it is time for Colin
Powell and reasonable Republicans to take
a stand of honor, supporting an end to one
party government in Washington.

The stakes are too high, the dangers are too
enormous; for Colin Powell to continue to play
the fool as a team player, and company man,
who's party and president have contempt and
scorn for his world view.

It is astounding, bizarre and extreme that the
Republican Party has become the Party of
torture, with the language of religious war
that Powell knows is deadly dangerous to
our interests in the world, with the politics of
religious war at home for a party that only
has ridicule and contempt for the most
important things that Colin Powell and
others with similar views stand for.

Let's set aside the polemics, passions and
politics of the past, except for this: Colin
Powell owes a debt of honor to the American
people, to our troops, to our communities who
depend on our leaders to protect our security.

By failing to speak out, when his voice could
have mattered, he failed the tests of honor,
courage and leadership by publicly taking
positions on matters he privately believed
to be wrong, by publicly asserting things he knew, or should have known,
to be false.

Colin Powell has had a lifetime of genuine
heroism and profound service to our country.
He has a distinguished and substantial record
of achievement for which he and the Nation
should be proud.

Sadly, tragically, terribly, wrongly, at the truly
decisive hour he tarnished a lifetime body of
work, did grave damage to our country, and
greatly contributed to the tragic loss of life of
our troops, and the disastrous consummation
of a catastrophic policy.

Colin Powell failed to tell the truth about what
he honestly believed. He used his credibility to turn our country
towards catastrophe, in large
measure because of his lack of courage and
honor in speaking truth to power, and truth
to our people, and truth to the world, when
he was our voice to the world as Secretary of

The Republican Administration and the one
party Republican Congress stand against
the ideals that Colin Powell believes in. They
campaign with winds of war that Colin Powell
knows are dangerous to our Republic. They
pursue a politics of division and slander that
Colin Powell knows are reprehensible. They
use the words of Holy War in ways that Colin
Powell knows are deadly dangerous to our
interests in the world and deadly destructive
to our unity at home. The overwhelming
majority of leadership Republicans privately
deride and ridicule the very core of ideas
that Colin Powell believes are most important
to our national security.

It is no longer enough to play the company
man, the triangulating team player, or the
endlessly maneuvering bureaucrat dancing
the self-indulgent waltz of political self-interest, and safety, while
others die for his fearful
failure to speak truth to power, truth to people, and truth to the

Colin Powell has one last chance to redeem
his reputation in history, by speaking out with
courage now, as he failed to do before, by
telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing
but the truth about what he genuinely believes.

A one party government, with this President
unchecked and unbalanced by a one party
Congress, for two more years, is a death
knell for things the real Colin Powell truly
believes about what American should do,
in the world.

This time at least, better late than never, Colin
Powell should stand up clearly and cogently
for a two party system in America, with three
branches of government, and least one House
of Congress in Democratic hands.

To save the President from himself.

To save the Republican Party from a one
way road to catastrophic arrogance and
extremism that further damages our country
in the world.

To save America from the deadly dangers
that will only escalate even more, if the status quo continues unabated.

To save his own historical reputation and
legacy by doing now, what he should have
done long ago, but did not, at great cost
to our country.