10/02/2006 12:14 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Conservative Christian Leaders Should Speak Out STRONGLY on Republican Page Scandal

It is morally imperative for major conservative
Christian leaders (who for three days have been strangely silent) to
speak out strongly,
clearly and immediately about the Republican
Congressional page abuse scandal.

Moms and Dads send their kids to Washington
as Pages, and Congressional leaders have a
sacred trust and sacred duty to protect them.

Men and women of faith from all religions and
all points of view, expect standards of morality
and integrity from officials in Washington.

There is now a moral breakdown in Republican
Washington. From ethics scandals, to political
scandals, to failures to tell the truth about Iraq
that are being revelealed every hour and every
day on the news, there has been an extreme
breakdown of moral bearing in Republican

Lord Acton was right; power corrupts. Thomas
Jefferson and James Madison were right: our
democracy needs checks and balances. What
is happening is the inevitable result of power
that is concentrated, disprespect that spreads
like a cancer, and a disregard for the rule of
law that has now infected even the protection
of young men and women who serve as pages.

There is synergy between failure to tell the
truth about Iraq, failure to protect the pages,
failure to respect the law, and a culture of
coverup that now permeates Republican

The Congressional Page Board should have
been fully and immediately notified and they
should have fully and immediately notified the
FBI and Justice Department.

The fact that Democratic and independent voices on the Page Board were
excluded was shameful and grounds for firing.

The fact that the endangerment of the pages
continued while this was treated for months,
possibly years, as a Republican damage
control operation may turn out to be grounds
for prosecution.

The fact that one of the first Republicans notified was the head of the
Republican Campaign Committee was shameful and dishonoable.

The fact that the GOP Campaign Committee Chairman and the House Speaker
cannot get their story straight is not moral or credible.

All House Republican leaders should publicly
and immediately disclose whether they have
been advised by counsel of potential criminal
liability. They should give sworn testimony,
immediately, under oath. They must either
publicly certify that they have not been told
of potential criminal liability, or they should
step down as leaders until they full story is
told and a full exoneration is given by the
appropriate authorities.

Above all, this is a moral crisis for conservative
Christian leaders. They should put their basic
Christian values ahead of their Republicanism.
They should put their honorable conservatism
above partisan excuses for a national shame.
They should put the sacred duty of Republican
leaders of Congress towards children who are
sent to Washington by Moms and Dads, with
a sacred trust to protect them, ahead of any
and all political considerations.

We can only hope and pray they do. It will be
a day of shame for them, if they do not and it
will be a moment of truth and integrity to watch
whether they fulfill their truest responsibilities
in this sordid episode.

I pray they do.

The world is watching.