December Surprise: Bush Plans Post-Election Call Up Of National Guard And Reserves

05/25/2011 12:00 pm ET

American commanders in Iraq have privately
told the President that additional troops will
be needed in Iraq to maintain the current

Plans are secretly underway for a suprise new call up of National Guard
and Reserves to be announced sometime after the election.

The Washington Post has now reported that
planning that is now classified, being kept
secret from voters and military families until
the election is over, could well include what
the Post calls a policy change forcing a
new wave of involuntary call ups.

With violence and chaos escalating in Iraq,
with Iraqi police infiltrated by murderous
pro-Iranian militia, with more than 20% of
the Iraqi army on leave at any given time,
the fact is: American troops are doing even
more of the work that Iraqis should do and
more will be sent to Iraq unless the policy

The American people should demand full
and complete disclosure, prior to the election,
of any plans for new recalls of our Guard and Reserve units.

The American people should demand full
and complete disclosure, prior to the election,
of any plans for policy changes that will
include new waves of involuntary recalls,
of our Guard and National Reserve units.

The American people should demand, prior
to the election, plans for stop loss policies
or any other form of involuntary or surprise
troop rotation hardships, about to be imposed
on those who serve in the United States Army
and Marine Corps.

The American people should demand, prior
to the election, the full budget cost of the
Iraq war for the coming year, which is being
kept secret until after the vote.

The American people should demand, prior
to the election, public disclosure of a summary
of the pending National Intelligence Estimate
on Iraq. This estimate undoubtedly descibes the major deterioration
into chaos, which is driving the coming wave of involuntary calls ups
being kept secret from the American people.

On Monday the Military Times will call for
the firing of Defense Secretary Rumsfeld
in a couragous act that demonstrates the
failure of the policy and the urgent need
for change.

The Army Times, Marine Corps Times, Navy
Times and Air Force Times are the most
informed sources of information and truth
about what our commanders and troops
believe, in fact.

The truth is, to implement the current failed
policy, without change, there will be a clear
need for more Americans in uniform to serve
in Iraq almost immediately. As a pure military
judgment, if the policy continues unchanged,
more troops will be urgently needed and more
rotation abuses and involuntary call ups will
be force fed to those who serve and their

As the Military Times publicly suggests and
our commanders privately believe, there is
an urgent need for a new policy that will be
more successful and will not require such
unacceptable abuses.

Military families and all Americans should
consider this:

If the Democrats were in control of Congress, there would be public
hearings and an informed discussion about upcoming policy changes
regarding involuntary recalls and rotation abuses.

If Democrats were in control of Congress,
national intelligence officials would be called
to public hearings, and Americans would have a clear and honest
understanding of the failures of the policy, and the destructive
implications for those who serve.

If the Democrats were in control of Congress,
the President, Congress and both parties would sit down and the policy
would change.

It is shameful and wrong to have these abuses
of troop rotations and these endless policy
changes of involuntary recalls which are kept
secret from the people, and forced by the
failures of the policy.

It is time for the practices of secrecy and
deceit to end. They violate the basic notion
of American democracy, they violate the
most basic rules of common sense, they
violate the trust of our troops, their families
and the American people.

We should demand full and immediate public

We should demand full accounting of what
force structures and budgets our military will
need and work on a bipartisan basis to meet
those needs of the Army, Marine Corps,
Guard and Reserves with no further abuses
of rotations and recalls.

We should end permanently these constant
abuses that have done so much damage to
the mission and to those who serve with such
bravery and honor, and deserve better from
our government.

The truth should be disclosed before the
election. The coverup of coming recalls
must end.

A Nation of informed voters would then have
the chance to elect a Congress in the election,
to bring about change after the election.