George Bush Should Fire Karl Rove, And Democrats Can Build A New Majority For A Generation

05/25/2011 12:00 pm ET

Prediction: Karl Rove will soon leave the White

Fact: the American people overwhelmingly
rejected the core politics that Karl Rove sold
to the Republican Party, which inevitably led
to the disaster of Iraq and the corruption that
has run rampant in one party Republican

What Rove stands for, is a strategy that aimed
at mobilizing the extreme narrow base of right
wing Republicanism, demonizing everyone else
in America, disrespecting anyone with alternate
views, and ultimately alienating the heartland
of America.

The blunders and disasters of Iraq policy were
inevitable from a politics that began with a rabid
ideology, a war that was abused for partisan
political purposes, an attitude that branded
opponents of the policy as unpatriotic, language
that included words such as treason and traitor.

The collapse of integrity, ethics and honor in
Republican Washington was the inevitable
result of an attitude that would do anything
to win, that tolerated and covered up corruption
to protect political power, even when coverups
included abuse of young congressonal pages.

What the Karl Rove wedge politics did, was
begin with the view that only Republicans
mattered, then the view that only Republican
base voters mattered, and finally the view
that only the most extreme Republican base
voters mattered.

The Rovian politics were reduced to the sick
situation that even scandalous and immoral
behavior was tolerated, even scandalous and immoral behavior by extreme
base religious advocates was excused, and even contempt
for American military commanders became
part of the plan, because the commanders
reject the ideology and policies of the extreme
wing of the right wing base.

I would respectfully urge those who belong
to what is called the Christian Right to begin
prayerful reflection on what it means when
certain millionaire leaders of religious groups
turn their religion into extreme partisan politics,
and for partisan reasons, some of those same
alleged religious leaders cannot unequivocally
condemn what the rest of us know, are grossly
unethical and sinful behaviors.

My hope is, that the new Democratic Congress
will be principled and aggressive on those issues such as torture, which
must be ended,
and constitutional rights on matters such as
eavesdropping, which must be restored. On
these matters, and others, Democrats have
the high moral ground and the winning political

The issues of torture and illegal eavesdropping
are sterling examples of how Rovian politics
corrupted and polluted our policies and our
political dialogue.

My expectation is, that Rove like Mehlman will
soon be gone, because the damage they have
done to our country, and the Republican party,
and our moral stature in the world, is clear.

In many respects Karl Rove's attitudes of
creating domestic enemies, playing on hate
and resentment towards whole classes of
Americans, were fundamentally anti-democratic
and un-American. Rove was attacking the very
core of the American idea, the very notion of
democracy involving shared patriotism and
mutual respect in a diverse America.

That which they have sowed, now they shall

The President should fire Karl Rove.

The Democrats have one of those golden
moments of a generation, to build a new
realignment and majority of the American
people, based on the idea that America must
always be America, and that those who trust
and respect the American people will ultimately
prevail over those who demonize and divide