Gore Is Right, Cheney Wrong, Fight Global Warming, End the Anti-American Energy Policy

05/25/2011 11:55 am ET

The report today by the National Academy of
should be decisive, persuading any
remaining honorable undecideds that global
warming does indeed pose a potentially
catastrophic danger. No doubt, the same
Texas oilmen who raised money for the Swift
Boat attack on the recipient of a bronze and
silver star, and who financed ads in response to
Inconvenient Truth, that were propaganda masquerading as science in the
cause of greed, will soon find some way to attack the Academy.

Al Gore and many others are right: this is a moral issue we should take
the country. It
is bad enough we are burdening future
generations with government debt that
gives dangerous power to central banks
such as mainland China, who finance our
economy, buying the debt who's ultimate
burden our children will bear. The very
least we should do, is give our children
a planet that is not in danger of destruction
from environmental destruction that we will
leave as yet another dark legacy to our
children, unless we act.

All Democrats and honorable Republicans
should go to the country in the coming election
against energy policies that are un-American
and anti-American by any rational definition
of the terms. This reliance on fossil fuels,
gouging historic Goliath profits for the few,
robbing today's consumers of their right to
fairness and equity, and robbing tomorrow's children of their
birthright, an environmentally safe world, is an issue that should be
to every corner of the Nation.

The very idea of a One-Fuel energy policy,
is the moral equivalent of a one-party state.
It is a direct attack on American consumers,
a direct threat to the American economy, a direct danger to American
security, and a direct
land grab by our generation, stealing from
future generations, addicted to depletable
resources, corrupting the livability of our
children and grandchildren's planet.

Also: if the budget deficit makes America
dangerously dependent on foreign central
banks, some of whom are controlled by
nations with interests hostile to ours, this
anti-American energy policy makes America
dangerously dependent on despotic and often
corrupt regimes, with some of the money
finding its way to the murderers of our neighbors on 9-11.

A special word for the Vice President: it is
hard to imagine anyone of his stature who
has ever been so wrong, on so many issues,
with such deadly consequences, with such harm done to our generation,
with a such a legacy of harm to future generations.

It is a moral shame, and no coincidence, that
this policy so destructive to American interests
was hatched in secret meetings, between
the highest officials of our government, many
of their largest political contributors, and influence peddlers. We
should take to the
country a poilcy of freedom and democracy,
in which insiders are not allowed to lock in
profits and money funnelled to each other,
while the American people are locked out
of even knowing what they discussed, on
issues so momentous, with Americans under
under fire, in combat.

Finally, for now: a word about former President
Jimmy Carter. President Carter, with Middle
East peace between Begin and Sadat, by
pioneering a historic policy on human rights
that the current Administration could well
learn from with our global reputation falling
to dangerously low levels, and by developing
energy policies that were visionary, courageous
and right, deserves a standing ovation.

It is fashionable in some circles on the right,
to demean him, as they demean so many.
And certainly there were aspects of his tenure
that might have been better handled. But
the genuine leadership and courage President
Carter showed at Camp David; for human rights; and fighting for energy
policies that are good for America and future generations; are
aspirations for America beyond the imagination of those who met in
secret White House
meetings, to plot their profits, at our country's

The National Academy of Sciences has spoken; the political leadership of
our country
must act; our people should demand this on
Election Day; and those who are part of the
problem, not the solution, should be removed
from the offices they no longer deserve to have.