06/13/2007 05:23 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Kids That Change The World

When I went to the Sheryl Crow and Laurie David
concert for Earth Day and global warming here
in D.C. what was most moving was the idealism
of thousands of young people doing their part
for a better world.

It was refreshing and exciting to see young
people so mobilized and inspired. What
was even more striking was that some of
those young people were kids as young as
ten years old.

I interviewed some of them. One of the kids was only ten years old, and
when I asked him what he was doing about global warming, young Bobby had
a plan.

It's amazing how ten year old kids can change
the world. Bobby was saving his allowance
to buy his grade school classmates the energy
saving light bulbs that were handed out at the concert. He was
collecting email addresses from classmates to sign them up for the
Virtual Global Warming March.

Applause to Laurie David, Sheryl Crow,
Carole King, Tim McGraw and everyone
for a great show supporting a great cause,
and even more, for inspiring young people.

In a recent article in, I
wrote about kids who are changing the world,
who make their parents, grandparents and
all of us proud. If you know stories about "Grandkids That Make Us
Proud" go the
article, send in their accomplishments
and next time they might be profiled!