01/19/2007 06:34 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

State Of The Union: Jim Webb For Vice President

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi made an
inspired decision to name Senator Jim
Webb to offer the Democratic response
to the President's State Of The Union

You heard it here, first. Soon the Great Mentioner will put Jim Webb on
the short
list of Democratic Vice-Presidential names
for 2008.

His speech will project the Democratic Party
into powerful national leadership on foreign
policy, defense and security. He will appeal
throughout the Nation, and rally Democrats
everywhere, with a commanding and strong
voice based on experience and judgment.

Authentic war hero, former Navy Secretary,
national security policy intellectual. A man
who knows how to fight war from the front
lines, how to manage war from the government, and why to avoid war with
diplomacy, when possible. A man who served heroically in
his youth, while his son serves heroically

His State Of The Union remarks will propel
Jim Webb to the national stage and provide
a powerful contrast to the failures the President
cannot escape from in his address.

The one worry: Democratic leaders must
avoid the temptation to surround Senator
Webb with cautious consultants. Let Webb
be Webb. Let America hear this voice of
courage, passion, substance, independence,
experience and integrity.

In 1920 the Democratic Party nominated a
former Assistant Secretary of the Navy for
the Vice-Presidency. His name was Franklin
Delano Roosevelt.

In a few short days, America will hear a former
Secretary of the Navy answer President Bush.

The Great Mentioner will then put Senator Jim
Webb on the A-List for the Vice Presidency in
2008, and that is only the beginning.