The President Surges To Escalate War, Fight Back With A Surge Of Donations For Democrats

05/25/2011 12:00 pm ET

An outraged world watches George Bush again show his contempt and scorn
for our voters, commanders and standards as a Nation and
our answer should be this:

Dont get angry, take action. Go to actblue and
answer his surge for war, with our surge of support for the Democrats in
the Senate who
are waging a historic battle to end this travesty.

We the people of the United States are not Tony Blair-like Poodles who
will be mocked
and scorned by a President who says "kiss my ass" to those who voted in
the 2006 election.

Every single one of us, can have our own vote
in the United States Senate with donations
large or small in our Lexington and Concord answer to the President's

This is a President whose idea of bipartisanship
is to demean George Washington through the
torture that Washington opposed; to disrespect
Abe Lincoln by taking every opportunity to tear
open our wounds and divide our country; to
mock Jefferson and Madison with signing
statements to break the law and violate the Constitution.

Even after the resounding election, he claims the power to open our mail
in violation of law. He does the impossible: turning the Butcher of
Baghdad into a martyr, with a hanging done by taunting death squad
supporters, protected by liars who tried to cover it up.

This President has learned nothing from
experience. He treats bipartisanship as a
means to again disrespect military advice,
to again divide our country, and to again escalate the mistakes that
have caused this carnage.

Don't get angry; get active. Go to actblue and
stand up for our democracy. This is what will happen:

In 2008 there are 21 Senate Republicans up
for re-election, an unusually high number that
creates a historic opportunity for Democrats.
Many of them are older, and may retire. Many
have low popularity, and may well be defeated. Many have very prominent
Democrats deciding
whether to run.

Senate Republicans know that it is not out of the question that they
lose as many as ten seats in 2008. I reviewed them all last night and
Senate Republicans face a very dangerous position.

For them, George W. Bush wants to escalate
a war they know is catastrophic; and expand a
policy they know is failed and dramatically
unpopular. Senate Republicans know the
President want to dump this mess on his
successor in 2-3 years. They might as well hold the 2008 Republican
Convention in Baghdad.

George Bush is their Herbert Hoover.

Now he wants them to escalate a policy that they privately oppose, that
military leaders
advise against, that their constituents widely despise.

If we answer the Bush drive to escalate and
surge this war, with our drive to escalate and
surge our support for Democrats, we fire a cannon that will be heard
across the bow of official Washington.

Let Republicans do the right thing, or remember
the fate of George Allen and Rick Santorum.

It is high time for Senate Republicans to vote their conscience on this
war. If they do, they
will be applauded by a grateful nation. If they
do not, they will answer to the people.

Do not underestimate our power. We have
the high moral ground, the high military ground,
the high political ground.

We speak for the overwhelming majority of
the American people. We will answer his cynicism with our patriotism. We
will answer
his arrogance with our idealism.

We have won a great election and the will of the people must be honored.

Last November we took our case to the people
and emerged victorious.

We are not poodles, we are patriots. We have
not yet begun to fight.

We are going fight, and fight, and fight again,
every hour of every day, until the country we
love has a President who stands for the values
we share.

He has his surge, we have ours.

Dont be angry, take action. Go to actblue and
answer the president's speech with our passion
and we will fire a cannon that will ultimately he
heard around the world.