06/04/2007 06:20 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Who Will They Blame For Katrina 2?

While New Orleans fights back as the new
Comeback Kid, the levees and pumps are
dangerously behind where they need to be.

The Corps of Engineers makes excuses.

The grave danger lurks, before the eyes of
a Nation that too often lacks the can-do spirit.

In other areas of the Gulf Coast and the
Southeast, disaster plans are behind the
times, emergency preparations are not
what they should be.

The grave danger lurks, unattended, while
the politicians give their speeches, too often

In Katrina 1 good people lost their lives
because they were too poor, too young,
too elderly, too handicapped to care for
themselves and those who should have
cared for them, did not.

The weather forecasters predict a dangerous
hurricane season, yet those who should know
better have eyes that do not see and ears that
do not hear.

Grave danger lurks.

We pray it does not strike.

But if it does, who will they blame the next