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Women Will Decide 2012

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The ideological assault against programs that benefit women in House GOP spending bills and similar attacks from many GOP governors will give a powerful boost to Democrats in 2012. Today a diversity of women's groups are contacting me, and their members and supporters, expressing alarm about these assaults. The major media has largely ignored these concerns, but they are widespread, dramatic and mobilizing women.

Republicans face the real possibility that 2012 will bring them not a gender gap, but a gender deluge...

The House GOP spending attacks escalate an assault on programs important to women that Debra Ness, president of the National Partnership for Women and Families, describes as "catastrophic."

A short list of programs under GOP attack include those helping women with parental leave, cancer screening, HIV testing, job training, supporting moms and babies, aging, nursing care, wage theft, fair pay and countless others that threaten women at all economic levels...

It is dangerous politics for the GOP to be so hostile to the interests of a majority of voters and so trapped by an ideology that is alien to a great movement of our times: fairness in pay for women and all workers...

The new Newsweek has emerged with an important cover story about "The Hillary Doctrine" that brilliantly describes how Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is advancing the cause of women and girls to promote global human rights and American security interests...

A majority of voters in 2012 will be women. If Republicans continue to disrespect their interests, the GOP will face a deluge of female voters turning to Democrats.

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