Which "Mom-Do" Are You?

07/10/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Moms looking to make a bolder statement with their tresses have no shortage of celebrity "Mom-Do's" to pull inspiration from this year. From tousled and low-maintenance looks to skull sculptures requiring a live-in stylist, there's something for every mom, from the campaign trail to Hollywood; from celebrity to wannabe. Before tearing the pages out of this week's tabloid mags, ask yourself: which Mom-Do best fits you?

The Palin
(aka the "Sexy Librarian," the "Hot for Teacher," the "Hockey Mom")


Monday through Friday, you rule the PTA with an iron fist; but on the weekend, you let your hair down for hunting trips and hockey matches. Surely there must be a happy medium for your impeccably highlighted locks!

Rest assured. Governor Sarah Palin has perfected the look for you born to lead, lipstick-sporting pit bulls. The neat, tight half-updo conveys a pulled together yet flirty image while fringed bangs frame and draw attention to your face. A teased bump at the crown keeps the look multi-generational (who doesn't love remembering the 80's?) and national (a big hit in small towns from Concord to Wasilla).

The Kate
(aka the "Business in Front, Party on Top," the "Sonic the Hedgemom")


You frankly don't care what the other moms on the playground think about you, your parenting style, your marriage, or your compulsive germaphobia. All that matters is that everyone in your life plays by your rules, including each and every hair on your head. It would better suit your busy schedule if hair could just be snapped on every morning like a helmet. Since it can't, you'll drag your trusted hair sculptor with you everywhere you go to ensure that your perfectly side swept bangs and spiky, spiky dome can withstand anything, from a torrential downpour to an unexpected onslaught of paparazzi shutterbugs.

The Angie
(aka the "Effortless Chic," the "Classy Bedhead")


In your eyes, your husband is the sexiest man alive, and even with full-fledged careers and a house full of kids, the two of you like to keep things hot. To the envy of everyone around you, you manage to roll out of bed in the morning with perfectly tousled, luscious locks (or you spend two hours with a curling iron and six kinds of mousse attempting this feat, and have us all fooled). Truth be told, you're too busy brokering world peace one day and hijacking cars, assassinating terrorists, or tomb-raiding the next to worry about your hair.

The Octomom
(aka the "Wannabe Angie")


You're convinced you should be famous just for giving birth to as many children as you have. Sadly, when competing with the rest of the Mom-Do's, this feat alone isn't enough to make you stand out. If the Angie is the Tricomi 'do, the Octomom is Supercuts' version.