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Brett Baker

Brett Baker


Painter's Table: Top 10 Best Posts, April 2011

Posted: 05/13/11 02:09 PM ET

Artist interviews were popular in April, particularly those between artists - painters talking to painters. Interviews in a variety of formats are some of the most interesting posts on art blogs these days. Some artist blogs focus specifically on interviews. Gorky's Grandaughter, a video blog, records studio visits, two others (standard) interview and Studio Critical pose a standard set of questions to each artist. Painting Perceptions and Henri Art Magazine are two blogs that offer longer format interviews. In late March, Painters' Table launched a section called Artist to Artist specifically to highlight blogs where artists interview each other.

Of course, there were many other great posts including exhibition reviews and commentary - a lively group as always.

Our top ten posts from April are below. Find more everyday on - the magazine of the painting blogosphere.

George Hofmann - Painting Life
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George Hofmann, Bay, acrylic on linen, 67 x 85 inches

As part of Henri Art Magazine's series on Romanticism, painter George Hofmann recounts his personal experiences as a painter beginning in the 1960's. Hofmann was friendly with both Greenberg and the Color Field painters as well as the Minimalist painters and sculptors at Hunter, where he taught. Hofmann gives a first hand account of the art world at the time and describes how he came to feel that by remaining a painter he was taking up a "Romantic" position. He concludes with a generous explanation of his studio practice.

Read the full post on Henri Art Magazine
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