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Brett Caine

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BYO for Business -- Is It Right for Your Company?

(0) Comments | Posted December 21, 2011 | 3:02 PM

If you're looking to throw a quick and cheerful party inviting your friends and family with the old standby BYO ("bring your own") can be the way to go. Of course, depending on the circle of friends, it can also result in a few targeted jokes aimed at the host...

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The Modern Meeting -- Not a Place We Go, But a Thing We Do

(0) Comments | Posted August 9, 2011 | 2:56 PM

I recently had the honor of writing the foreword for a new book, Read This Before Our Next Meeting, by Al Pittampalli, who offers a very interesting perspective on meeting culture in today's workplace. Throughout the book, Pittampalli suggests that many of the meetings we attend throughout the day are...

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To the Class of 2011 -- Welcome to the Old World

(1) Comments | Posted June 29, 2011 | 2:36 PM

Congratulations, class of 2011! To quote the famous Dr. Seuss, "Oh, the places you'll go!" Whether it is backpacking in Europe for a few weeks or straight home to scan job boards, soon enough it will be time to find that place -- a workplace of course -- to start...

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Should We Be Bringing People Closer to Work, or Work to People?

(1) Comments | Posted May 19, 2011 | 2:40 PM

I read recently of a pilot project in Washington, D.C. that hopes to incentivize workers to move closer to their place of work with the offer of $12,000. The goal, of course, is to reduce the traffic and pollution associated with commuting to work, as well as improve...

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'Greening' Your Small Business Will Boost Its Bottom Line

(4) Comments | Posted April 22, 2011 | 2:34 PM

With Earth Day upon us, sustainability is a term we hear a lot but rarely as it relates to business economics. For most, the perception still remains that sustainability practices are at odds with financial realities.

The recent data released by MIT Sloan and Boston Consulting Group in its Sustainability...

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How To Build Your Business For The Virtual Workforce

(3) Comments | Posted April 7, 2011 | 11:10 AM

As the way we work continues to evolve, businesses should think about how the physical office needs to change as well -- and perhaps even rethink their whole concept of what and where the office is.

A fundamental shift of where business is conducted is happening as WiFi connectivity...

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Rethink Workplace Flexibility

(1) Comments | Posted February 14, 2011 | 9:45 AM

With February 14-18 being National Telework Week, now's a great time to rethink your company's approach to workplace flexibility. The way we work is increasingly becoming more dispersed and mobile, with business spanning time zones and borders. It is estimated that the number of worldwide mobile workers will reach one...

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