03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Innovative i4c Campaign Partners With Sarah McLachlan's 2010 Lilith Tour

On November 3rd, the innovative i4c Campaign™, an initiative of the holding company TouchPoint Trust Group, announced its first partner in the movement to build a better future: the 2010 Lilith Tour. Lilith Fair founders Sarah McLachlan, Dan Fraser, Marty Diamond and Terry McBride have targeted a $3 million investment partnership for the Lilith i4c Campaign.

i4c (denoting "I foresee a better tomorrow") is an investment model that aims to drive awareness to the importance of supporting the triple bottom line business sector—companies that focus on people, planet and profit.

Founded by Casey Verbeck, TouchPoint is working closely with members of the Arts and Entertainment community, high net worth offices and foundations to drive investment capital to change-making, socially responsible entrepreneurs in high impact business sectors including Lifestyles (green consumer products, natural foods and organics) Renewable Energy and Emerging Markets (rebuilding third world economies and supporting minority entrepreneurs domestically).

By joining forces with TouchPoint's i4c Campaign, Lilith will continue to expand its mission-related focus and provide an opportunity for fans to participate in the movement to take control in driving social change.
The 2010 Lilith Tour will contribute $1 from every ticket sold as well as a portion of their marquee sponsorship revenue.

McBride explains, "By contributing a portion of Lilith's profits to a for-profit campaign now, we are creating a sustainable way to fund Lilith's nonprofits in the future."
In addition, Lilith will encourage fan donations to the i4c Foundation and provide an i4c Village, which will travel to each site of the tour. By featuring guest entrepreneurs on tour, the Lilith i4c Campaign will educate the public on cutting edge innovations and encourage community participation. Find out more details here.

Of the i4c Campaign, Verbeck says, "We live in a time where we all have to ask ourselves how can we contribute to a better tomorrow. The time is now for us to come together and support leaders who have the passion, products and services to truly reshape tomorrow. These are the individuals who deserve our undivided attention and support."

Casey Verbeck, a former music executive and more recently a social champion with 15 years of experience organizing and advising new business ventures, launched TouchPoint Trust Group and the i4c Campaign in Boulder, CO, with partner Rich Frankenheimer, a 20 year veteran of start up ventures. Verbeck was the Founder and CEO of Partners in Music (1995-2005), a leading boutique entertainment agency with an emphasis on business management and touring. Casey's work has been featured in Time Magazine, The New York Times, Rolling Stone and Billboard, and he has worked closely with many artists and organizations such as Sony, Universal, AEG, Live Nation and Clear Channel. Casey has spent the past 2+ years raising capital and providing go-to-market strategies for a handful of clients associated with the triple bottom line sector.