03/28/2012 02:57 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

The Clutch Conundrum

Few accessories complete a look like a sophisticated clutch handbag. It is timeless. It is chic. It is mysterious. The perfectly put-together woman who carries just a clutch evokes the envy of everyone she encounters, begging the question: How does she look like that with just one bag?

The clutch defines a woman who is able to pare her life down to the few necessities that fit into a single stream-lined bag and delineates the lady who is in control of her own destiny.

Two styles this season in particular are singing the siren call of the clutch.

On Sunday we saw the long-awaited return of Mad Men, and fashions are mimicking the retro sixties glamour touted on the show by independent working women like Joan and Peggy. The clutch completes their looks. Those women didn't carry around a bucket-sized bag. They kept it simple and if you want to embrace their style this season you will too.

At the other end of the fashion spectrum this spring and summer is intensely bright color blocking in everything from jeans to tanks to heels to sophisticated evening wear.

The assault of color demands a simple and elegant bag.

Simply put, you need a clutch this season.

But with smaller purses come great responsibility. Enter the clutch conundrum: So much stuff, so little room.

Since the beginning of my career I have wanted to design clutches. For me they have always been the chicest bags and I love seeing women carrying only a clutch. But because of their size, the clutch has always been relegated to the bag within the bag (sometimes within the bag!). I wanted to solve the clutch conundrum. I was inspired by the women I knew stuffing everything in a small bag only to see it splay open all night leaking lipsticks, cell phones and credit cards. I knew I needed to create a clutch that actually looked better when you stuffed it.

When I picture my handbags in the hands of a consumer I see her as a woman on the go who excels at everything in her life -- professionally and personally.

For this woman I wanted to create something that could effortlessly go from the boardroom to the white linen dining rooms of the most exclusive eateries.

To do that I had to think practically. I had to maker sure there are plenty of pockets with zippers inside. If you're going minimalist you need the security of knowing your credit card can be safely tucked within its own little nook.

I wanted any clutch I designed to be practical and beautiful works of art that truly make a statement -- just like the women who carry them.

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