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Around Every Evil There Gathers Love

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Bruce Cockburn fans will recognize this verse from his song "Down Where the Death Squad Lives":

Like some kind of never-ending Easter passion,
from every agony a hero's fashioned.
around every evil there gathers love --
bombs aren't the only things that fall from above
down where the dead squad lives
down where the dead squad lives

I was walking along the beach recently and found this old sandwich container, obviously discarded by a boater offshore some months ago.


The outside had already been coated by a few kinds of barnacles and other univalves.


I counted eight different kinds of organisms that had made the piece of plastic their home, gathering like love around an evil. May God's creative grace once again surround and overcome our stupidity and evil, and may we yearn for a conversion from dirty energy and a consumptive economy to clean energy and a regenerative economy.