Festa Muti!

09/20/2010 12:16 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The next four weeks are Festa Muti in Chicago - and it kicked off tonight with a splendid event in Millennium Park with a huge crowd, and I mean really huge - maybe over 20,000 - for an evening of electrifying playing by the CSO with their new Music Director. Everyone was there - and Deborah Rutter, the CSO's President, is to be congratulated for having brought Muti to Chicago. It all looks like yet another wonderful new period for the CSO. This remarkable orchestra has a knack for attracting the best. They are indeed a magnificent instrument and they were at the top of their very considerable game this evening. Altogether proud to be a Chicagoan!


Quite rightly the end of the Respighi was greeted by fireworks. It summed the evening up!