05/30/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

That Room With the View!

We are so fortunate to have this great rehearsal room in the Fine Arts Building. The room itself has been spiffed up during the off season, a gorgeous new floor and general clean up as well. The view was always perfect and remains so (see photo below). I have this theory that the lightness and airiness makes the work more productive. Maybe nonsense, but I believe it!


I have had a sort of busy day. Giasone starts tomorrow and Justin Way has arrived from London to direct. You will remember his great productions of Seraglio in 2006 and Orlando in 2008. He is taking on Giasone in these straitened times - a complicated piece with a ton of action. He will do it brilliantly and he has a wonderful cast. But it is going to be hard work.

Lunch at Coco Pazzo with a dear and valued colleague was the treat in the middle of the day after a stressful morning in the office. A very abbreviated visit to the Mosé rehearsal was satisfying - it's all going well and does not need attention from me. Always good to know! Then a welcome to Justin at the Seneca, the excellent hotel that has been our primary residence for visiting artists these last eight years or so.

Apart from that - life goes on......