Michael Jackson, Supernova

10/20/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Michael Jackson's funeral was a gathering of close friends, family, and people I had not seen for years. Together we mourned our loss, and together we took strength from one another because we all joined to celebrate the life of an extraordinary man. As I sat in the Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn Cemetery to say farewell to Michael, I wondered if the sunglasses they all wore were meant not to shield their eyes from prying cameras, but instead from the brilliant light of the supernova that was Michael Jackson.

When a massive star dies, it explodes in a supernova of blinding light that sometimes generates more energy, exotic particles, and colorful nebula than all the galaxies we can see in the heavens and is 100 billion times as bright as the sun. For sure, the light from the other stars who attended the funeral was bright - Elizabeth Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, Macaulay Culkin, Quincy Jones, Lionel Ritchie, Berry Gordy, Lisa Marie Presley, Chris Tucker and Barry Bonds. I sat next to Elizabeth Taylor at the service, and I told her Michael loved her dearly and would be proud that she was there. But Michael Jackson's death was a supernova of a star whose light was more controversial, more luminous, and more fascinating than any others whose twinkling image caught the imagination of our eyes.

Sometimes the light from these most extraordinary supernova events lasts for years as the light from these stars grow and grow more brilliant than the galaxies in which they exist.
The eulogies from Joe Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, and Jackie Jackson's son Siggy told of Michael's extraordinary life, and it was certain that Michael Jackson was now larger in death than he was in life. We will be dissecting his life for years to come in books and movies, only I don't think we will ever capture the human emotion everyone felt this day at his funeral when we laid Michael Jackson to rest.

I sat next to Dave Dave, whose father doused him with kerosene, lit a match, and burnt 90% of his 6 year old body. Michael Jackson cared for Dave Dave for more than 30 years, never once asking for anything in return. Dave Dave's eulogy was moving. The world should never forget how Michael gave back not only to Dave Dave, but also to so many other needy people.

I have a unique view of the Jackson Family. Some people knew Michael. Others knew Janet, or La Toya, or Rebbie, or Jackie, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon, or Randy. But I knew them all. From their mom and dad, Katherine and Joseph, to their grandchildren, they were all my friends. I did six divorces in the family as their attorney. I represented Michael in his criminal trial in Santa Maria, Katherine, and Joe and other family members, including children and cousins, in major litigation. I represented Tito's sons, Taj, Taryll, and TJ in their wrongful death case when their mother, Dee Dee, was brutally murdered.

I know all of their secrets, all of their tears, and all of their failures and glories. I never felt that any of them, from Michael right on down the line, ever did anything where I couldn't hold my head up high and say these are my friends, and I am proud of them. The one thing I can say for certain, and which I shout from the highest mountain top, is Michael Jackson was innocent in his criminal trial in Santa Maria, California, and it is not only time, but also the evidence which has proved that to be true.

Some folks have said to me that it is now between the Lord and Michael because while we mere mortals are blinded by the massive explosion of his star, the good Lord has a far greater ability to see. There are many things that Michael Jackson has to answer for to his maker, including why he would have allowed himself to be destroyed by the use of drugs that he knew could only hurt him. However, what I can say for certain and with great emotion is that his conversations with the Lord are not about the allegations which surrounded his life, but rather about how he treated himself and dealt with the magic he received as a gift from God.

Everyone in the Great Mausoleum was sad to see Michael go, and it was as if no one wanted to say a final farewell. He was a good man, a kind man. But like all of us who have so many human flaws, he had a tough time dealing with the simplest things involving just living with people, like the most basic elements of greed and jealousy. Michael and I talked a lot about the controversies, and when I said to him that he was never dull, he said me, "It's a sin to be dull."

In the wondrous evolution of the universe, it is the supernova that creates a shock wave where new stars are formed at the front of the expanding force from the explosion in the inevitable circle of life and death that make up the stars in our universe. While it may not be obvious to us because we are still in the early stages of the Jackson supernova, new stars are being created as the expanding shock wave from Jackson's death forms new stars that will start to shine as their nuclear fuel ignites. I watched the tears from Michael's children when they said their final good-by to their dad, and I wondered could it be that Prince, Paris, and little Blanket are the legacy of new star formation that the Michael Jackson supernova has left behind?