Dumping the Tea Party in the Harbor Requires A Boycott and Real Campaign Finance Reform

09/28/2010 08:37 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It is time to tell the Tea Party that the party's over. Yeah, everyone in Washington sucks. They're all on the take to special interests. Bringing us backwards beyond Bush is not the answer, though. To stop extremist funding, it is time to boycott Brawny and bras, fertilizers and Fox News!


Our vote is not enough. Right or Left, we know that results are bought and paid for by special interests that lavish both parties with billions of dollars. Turning the government over to weekend warriors, crazy Kentuckians and wannabe witches, though, is playing into the hands of the very people whom most of these sign-waving wingnuts think they're cleverly defeating.

The Tea Party is not going to go quietly into the night. When it comes to governing, rather than campaigning, these dogmatic extremists, who ran on smashing the system until the public roads are paid for by religious contributions, will work very hard to become monkey wrenches in government. This is what their backers wanted. Chaos is good for business, because it keeps both parties disorganized and disoriented, and props up the federal regulation strip-mining that conservatives installed in Bush I: A Thousand Points of Giveaway and "W," the dreadful Pennsylvania Avenue sequel with the eight year run.

We can't stop the flood of money buying elections right now because the real way to get calm and order in our political system is to keep our politicians federally financed and out of the hands of all of these special interests: Business, labor, and groups with agenda which is lobbied up on Capitol Hill.

You can't get politicians to vote on terminating the cash that feeds their ability to retain office, or gets them voted out if they refuse to take it. So we have to starve out the extra cash that big givers and large corporations have to make, especially these dangerous donations that fuel the extremism of the Tea Party.

Go to see a 20th Century Fox film, or flip on Fox News, and you are paying for Rupert Murdoch's political contributions. Buy a roll of Brawny paper towels, or buy a bra with Lycra in it, and you have just added a few shekels to the Koch Brothers' coffers, millions of which are used for their extreme-Right political giving.

If you do not believe that boycotts and bringing corporate giving out of the shadows has an effect, look at's campaign to boycott Target. Not only did it affect the giant retailer, which is now investigating its giving practices in response, but even suppliers like online retailer Gilt were caught up in the reaction.

You could say that it is the right of Right-wing billionaires to give as much as they want to uphold sacred principles of theirs. The only thing particularly sacred, though, seems to be preserving their tax-breaks and the dismantling of regulation by the Bush Administration.

Keith Olbermann on MSNBC's "Countdown with Keith Olbermann," reports:

But as COUNTDOWN discovered with the help of Pulitzer Prize-winning tax reporter, David Cay Johnston, who joins us presently, the Koch brothers are just the tip of a half-trillion dollar iceberg. A variety of sources, including court documents, confirm that when Republicans talk about the small businesses they're trying to help with their tax cut, they're actually talking about some of the biggest companies in the world and some of the richest people in this country.

One of the most egregious is the alleged "News" of Fox News and News Corp. Keith Olbermann became the loudest voice shouting about Murdoch's propaganda machine propping up the Tea Party, but bloggers on the web have been warning of the Darth Vader of Journalism's presence in the rising Tea Party "movement" for six years:

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Here are a few that, if your conscience so dictates, you might want to avoid. According to Media Matters, NPR, and, these businesses and/or their owners either directly fund the Tea Party movement, or indirectly fund them through the support of Right Wing organizations and Think Tanks that provide the Tea Party support:

(Today, a new "major source" will be announced by the Tea Party umbrella coalition. It will be updated to this article as it becomes available.)

Product/Service Type Company Primary Donor
Quilted Northern Bathroom Tissue Household Supplies Koch Industries Koch Brothers
Angel Soft Household Supplies Koch Industries Koch Brothers
Brawny Paper Towels Household Supplies Koch Industries Koch Brothers
Sparkle Household Supplies Koch Industries Koch Brothers
Vanity Fair Magazine Koch Industries Koch Brothers
Georgia Pacific Construction/Lumber Koch Industries Koch Brothers
LYCRA Products Clothing/Fabric Koch Industries Koch Brothers
CoolMax Products Clothing/Fabric Koch Industries Koch Brothers
Stainmaster Carpet Carpet Koch Industries Koch Brothers
20th Century Fox Movies News Corp Rupert Murdoch
Fox Searchlight Pictures Movies    
Fox News TV - Cable - News News Corp Rupert Murdoch
F/X TV - Cable - Ent. News Corp Rupert Murdoch
Fox Television Studios TV Production News Corp Rupert Murdoch
Fox Television TV - Bcast - Ent. News Corp Rupert Murdoch
Fox Business TV- Cable - News News Corp Rupert Murdoch
Fox Sports TV - Cable - Sports News Corp Rupert Murdoch
FUEL TV - Cable - Sports News Corp Rupert Murdoch
Speed TV - Cable - Sports News Corp Rupert Murdoch
National Geographic Channel TV - Cable - Ent. News Corp Rupert Murdoch
MySpace Internet News Corp Rupert Murdoch Internet News Corp Rupert Murdoch Internet News Corp Rupert Murdoch
The Wall Street Journal Newspapers News Corp Rupert Murdoch
New York Post Newspapers News Corp Rupert Murdoch
Barrons Newspapers News Corp Rupert Murdoch
Harper-Collins Books News Corp (40%) Rupert Murdoch
Comprehensive Retail Stores Retail Stores WALMART  
Gasoline & Light Retail Retail Stores Exxon Mobil  
Ave Maria University College Ave Maria Thomas Monaghan
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Newspapers Richard Mellon Scaife Scaife Foundations
Logistics Logistics Services Aegis InterWorld Inc. Mark A. Skoda
Logistics & Software Logistics Services Nextjet Technologies Mark A. Skoda

Last, Rush Limbaugh can scream and rant and rave about evil liberals and mock moderates all that he wants, but he has no franchise rights to wrapping himself in the flag. Nor does Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly.

They'd also have a much harder time doing it without sponsorship, or stations who rake in big dollars from their mindless minions. There are a whole bunch of liberals who listen to them to get angry, or to hear what they're up to. Glenn Beck lost 200 sponsors after the Boycott of his show began. You can find out more about that at:

Don't buy. Don't watch. Don't listen. Don't visit websites that promote Right Wing extremism. Let these lunatics return to the woodwork from whence they crawled out. Let them sermonize into the silence.

Don't give them the platform, or the satisfaction.

Most important, talk back! Vote. We tell our kids that louder is not righter. Don't let people who refuse to acknowledge the real world, and want to drag us into their fervored Fantasylands, intimidate you into silence, or protecting this country from extremism with your vote.

Be proud, be patriotic, and be progressive, without apologies, or fear.

My shiny two.