Live Blogging Election Night 2

11/04/2008 08:33 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Brian Schaffner Associate Professor of political science, University of Massachusetts

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8:32 - [Brian] Early national exit polls indicate that Obama has won 68% of the Hispanic vote. In 2004, the exit polls showed Kerry winning just 54%.

8:36 - [Brian] The national exit polls are also suggesting an uptick in African American turnout. In 2004, African Americans comprised 11% of the electorate. That figure is up to 13% in the current national exit polls. Another point: Kerry won 88% of the black vote; Obama is winning 96% of that vote.

8:44 - [Brian] Note the exit poll margin in Mississippi: showing just a 1% edge for McCain. African Americans make up 36% of the electorate according to early exit polls (not much different from the 35% in 2004), but the exit polls are showing 99% of African Americans voting for Obama in that state. Just 17% of whites voting for Obama, but that is up slightly from 14% for Kerry in 2004.

8:53 - [Brian] Obama appears to be out-performing Kerry among every age group except those 65 and over. Kerry lost that group by 5%, the early national exit polls show Obama losing them by 10%.

9:00 - [Brian] Bush won the suburbs narrowly in 2004; the early national exit polls are suggesting Obama will win the suburbs in 2008. But more significant may be that in 2004, Bush won the voters in rural areas by 15%; this year, Obama is only losing rural voters by 6%.

Mark is back and will be starting a new thread now.