10/29/2011 03:48 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Meet The Cardboard Institute Of Technology (PHOTOS)

In Random Recast, I explore new ways to look at the ordinary things in our lives. This week, it's all about cardboard.

You know when I said that when it comes to working with cardboard, it's best to leave the process to the professionals? I mean it 100 times more right now.

It's completely inexcusable that I've only now stumbled across the work of The Cardboard Institute of Technology (CIT), a group of makers that design mind-blowing structures made from (you guessed it) cardboard. They've constructed everything from sprawling mini-cities to Escher-like subterranean environments to small monsters, all in venues around San Francisco.

Also, CIT made a pirate ship that's bigger than a school bus. Actually, it's constructed around a life-size school bus. Let's take a moment to imagine this sinister ship doing the 7 a.m. school route...

But I've gone on enough. Take a look at the many amazing structures built by CIT.