12/01/2011 03:52 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Holiday Gifts Challenge: What You Can Get For $100

For many people, a budget of $100 for gifts is a challenge. But for most of us (myself emphatically included), it's a reality. So when Stylelist Home decided to have the editors face off to see who can get the most gifts for under $100, I felt pretty confident about my odds of winning.

Here were the rules:

- They have to be gifts that someone would WANT to get. Because otherwise, it would be a cinch to walk into the clearance aisle of any store and start grabbing as many things as you could.

- There can't be more than 1 vintage item, if any. I'm a huge fan of vintage, but it drives me nuts when other editors fill their gift guides with one-of-a-kind things that I can't get.

- They have to be gifts you'd actually give. I've given most of these to other people at some point. However, you'll notice that my list is more intended for grown-ups (since I don't have kids).

- The gifts have to be pretty easy to get. Because it's just not fair if someone has a friend-of-a-friend who secretly makes beautiful gifts and only charges $5 for them.

Therefore, the real goal is to combine quality with quantity and get the most value we can for our money. How did I fair? Pretty well, I'd say. How's 16 gifts, with $2 to spare?

Check out the slideshow to see! And to see how Stylelist Home's Deputy Editor Dickson Wong did, visit his $100 gift guide challenge entry.