New Uses For Cardboard: DIY Cat Scratching Post

10/26/2011 08:53 am ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Etsy photo by ModernCat

In Random Recast, I find new uses for the ordinary things in our lives. This week, it's all about cardboard.

Mentioning anything cat-related on a decor site is bound to get a few eye-rolls and maybe a sigh. While dogs can have their novelty houses, pet beds and toys, do the same for a cat and suddenly you're riding the train to crazyville, population: a dozen cats.

So let's give them a break.

If you have cats, they will eventually scratch up something in your home. It could be deliberate, it could be accidental. But a scratching post will curtail that behavior...and it turns out that most cats love to scratch cardboard. While you can easily get a pre-made scratching object (literally a box filled with cardboard) at your local pet store, it seems a little silly to deliberately buy something made completely out of cardboard, that's not even nice to look at.

The basic DIY is simple: Just cut pieces of cardboard and glue inside a box using non-toxic glue. As long as the corrugated side faces out, you're good to go.

But for a more stylish version, head to etsy artisan ModernCat. This geometric cardboard post has nice edges for your pet to grab, while offering as much flair as a scratching post can possibly have.