04/05/2013 11:10 am ET | Updated Jun 05, 2013

BGG Weekender: First Fridays, the Final Four and Coachella Prep

We here at Broke Girl's Guide know that your #1 priority this weekend is probably seeing whether your early longshot pick ends up winning the Final Four, in which case we highly recommend posting up at one of our favorite sports bars for meeting men, er, watching sports.

But if sloppy drunks yelling at the television sounds exactly how you don't want to spend your weekend, fret not; we've put plenty of other items on your agenda. Before we delve into the itinerary, however, we wanted to make sure that you noticed today's Living Social deal at Cardio Barre Beverly Hills. We've been taking these classes for a few months, and we're more toned than we ever thought possible. We might even be able to relax on the beach this summer instead of struggling to suck in our stomachs the whole time.... Can you imagine??

Okay, enough chitchat already -- let's hurry up and start planning how we're going to spend our next three days of freedom!

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