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Brooke Lewis

A Hollywood chameleon and jack-of-all-trades, Brooke Lewis has proven her multifaceted abilities in the entertainment industry as an actress, writer, and producer. She won the Golden Cob Award for “Best Scream Queen” for her performance in the 2010 cult horror hit Slime City Massacre and has secured her name as one of the premiere actresses in the horror genre. She is also a certified life coach who is dedicated to inspiring confidence in teens and young adults.

A native of Philadelphia, Brooke relocated to New York and began her professional career. Her first major taste of the limelight came from Tony n' Tina's Wedding, the off-Broadway hit comedy, in which she played the "prima donna" bridesmaid Donna Marsala. Brooke also found success onscreen, appearing in The Rules (For Men), A Packing Suburbia, Fare Well Miss Fortune, and Pride & Loyalty.

After heading west to Hollywood, Brooke created her production company, Philly Chick Pictures. Since making the move, Brooke has had roles in and on several projects, including Quintuplets, Mafiosa, Break, Gerald, and Double Tap. Some of this firecracker's impressive producing credits include iMurders (actress/executive producer), At the Sinatra Club (actress/producer), Slime City Massacre (actress/co-producer) and Sprinkles (actress/executive producer), which was an official selection at Pollygrind 2011 horror film festival in Las Vegas. For her work on Sprinkles, Brooke received the 2011 Write Brothers Excellence in Film Award at the Action on Film International Film Festival. Brooke has been honored in the most prestigious horror outlets including Scars Magazine,, SinisterSpace and Gorezone Magazine.

In March 2009 Brooke launched the Ms. Vampy TV/talk show/Web series, which she produced, co-directed, and starred in. Ms. Vampy is currently being developed into a feature film titled Vamp It Out. Ms. Vampy also inspired the creation of Ms. Vampy’s Tween Tawk, Teen Tawk & In Between Tawk, a six-part talk show that discusses adolescent issues as a part of Brooke’s outreach to young women.

Having found her calling by empowering young people, Brooke became a certified life coach. In order to make a difference the lives of young women at a deeper level, Brooke founded Be You and Be Fearless Life Coaching. She is dedicated to helping teens and young adults be their truest selves and make powerful choices.

As if she was not busy enough, Brooke strongly believes in charity work and was chosen for the Hot Hunks of Horror Hottie 2009. The “hunky horror” calendar benefits the Lynn Sage Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. Brooke is also a proud member of Women in Film and of Film Independent. During football season she can be found at sports bars cheering on her hometown’s Philadelphia Eagles. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

Entries by Brooke Lewis

Ask the Drama Queen

(0) Comments | Posted October 25, 2013 | 2:38 AM

AMANDA: Drama Queen, I am a single woman in San Diego who joined online dating last year. I think I am in decent shape, but I'm not a skinny girl. I work out and eat fairly healthy, but I'm not fanatical about it. I feel like the guys online are...

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Ask the Drama Queen

(0) Comments | Posted October 4, 2013 | 6:42 PM

Trevor: My best friend is a girl. My wife, for the most part, is fine with this. There have never been any feelings beyond friendship. However, recently, I've found myself seething with jealousy over the guys my friend dates. Part of me feels that they're not good enough for her....

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Ask the Drama Queen

(1) Comments | Posted September 16, 2013 | 2:48 PM

ALANA: What do you think about women dating younger men? My boyfriend is 15 years younger than I am. Is this crazy or could it really be true love?

BROOKE: Alana, I am so glad you emailed me this question, because there are so many women wanting...

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Hollywood Darlings Let Their Light Shine With Anti-Bullying Campaign

(9) Comments | Posted August 29, 2012 | 8:35 PM

As my loyal readers know, I am "big" on inspiring others, as well as being inspired. My followers also know how much I love and support people who share positive messages through their work and creative endeavors. I recently had an inspirational experience that I feel compelled to share with...

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(0) Comments | Posted June 20, 2012 | 3:51 PM

As an actress, producer and, now, life coach, I have been blessed to travel the world and attend many wonderful events, premieres, film festivals and award shows. I have met some of the most creative, eccentric, impressive, inspiring and interesting people on the planet. I have met people who I...

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Ageism and Heterosexism in Hollywood

(0) Comments | Posted May 21, 2012 | 7:54 PM

I am effin' pissed! OK, so this probably isn't a great emotion to be carrying around as a life coach, but as an actress I'm pissed! Why, you ask? Well, a month ago, my talent manager called to tell me that they'd found the "perfect" role for me in a...

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The Magic of Mamma Mia!

(2) Comments | Posted April 21, 2012 | 3:36 PM

I was recently invited to rock the red carpet on opening night of Mamma Mia! at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood, Calif. I was incredibly grateful for the invitation and tickets to opening night and you never have to twist my arm to get me to go to a Broadway...

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Be You... And Be Fearless!

(0) Comments | Posted March 26, 2012 | 6:36 PM

I am an actress and life coach with a mission! OK, maybe I am also a "drama queen" with a powerful message. Do you know how many young people in the LGBT community struggle with the courage to make the right choices and find their own voice? My mission is...

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