01/22/2013 07:30 pm ET Updated Mar 24, 2013

Internship Attire: How to Look Fashionable and Professional

Whether it's your first internship or your last, that butterfly-in-your-stomach, nervous feeling never seems to disappear upon choosing an outfit for that first big day.

Trying to choose something that will appropriately catch the eyes of curious new colleagues certainly be nerve-wracking. But, on top of that, what happens when complicating factors like weather and the length of your daily commute are also thrown into the mix?

Despite harsh weather conditions and the long hours it can sometimes take to get to an internship, we all know that in the end the experience is completely worth it. But in order to be a fantastic intern, looking the part is just as important as your continuous hours of hard work! (And yes this means for the duration of the entire internship, not just for the first two weeks.)

Interns want to send the message to potential future employers that they're always excited to be there. A professional, chic outlook on the job is a must for every day spent in the office. No intern wants to send the message halfway through their internship that they're no longer motivated to dress the part. Your outfit and presentation is an everyday reflection of you and it's always important to keep the following stylistic choices in mind...

- Always dress professionally. Dress to impress! You'll stand out for your commitment to a polished presentation and no one will ever know how many hours of sleep you did -- or didn't -- get last night.

- Try a bold accessory or statement piece. You never know who this might ignite a conversation with!

- Stay in touch with current trends. Do research and stay up-to-date on current fashion trends in order to do your best job of replicating them in the office.

- Don't roll out of bed to start getting ready five minutes before you have to leave. First impressions are everything.

- Don't fall into a pattern of casualness just because you sometimes see your peers dress comfortably. Remember, they've been there a lot longer than you have.

- Don't ignore your feet! Cute and comfy is key here. Wearing those brand-new five-inch stilettos might be the reason you don't get to wear cute shoes for the next two weeks. Be conscious of what you put on for those long hours in the office, but most certainly avoid wearing your casual beach flip-flops!

- Most importantly, don't leave your smile at home.

When in doubt, just remember, it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

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