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Governor Schwarzenegger -- Be a Hero, Not a....

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Today, the Marriage Equality Act -- stating simply that ALL Californians have the equal right to marry, and passed decisively several weeks ago by the California State Senate and Legislature -- goes to Governor Schwarzenegger for signature. And, although nothing is over until the fat lady sings, all indications are that he will, outrageously, be vetoing this measure -- refusing to recognize the equal rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Californians. His staff has, evidently, convinced him that signing the bill would result in tremendous political fallout for him. We need to make sure he knows that there will ALSO be tremendous political fallout if he vetos it.

To that end, Equality California, with the help of a core group of concerned citizens, myself included, created the BE A HERO 30-second TV spot, which you can view here. This spot was a true grassroots effort that went from idea to on-the-air in 6 days! It was created on Tuesday, and went out to press and on the AP wire Tuesday night. By Wednesday morning, the governor's staff had already seen it and, sources say, were not at all pleased. No shit! Between Monday and yesterday, through phone calling and on line donations, $90,000 was raised to get the spot on the air. It is running repeatedly on CNN in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento and will run during Meet the Press on Sunday in LA and Sacramento. Enjoy.....