05/13/2005 12:32 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Blogging, Arianna & the Media

First a question: Is it a delight to be here?

Answer: Is Ann Coulter the spawn of Satan?

Really, congratulations Arianna! What a terrific idea this is. Maybe now the national conversation will finally switch back to things that really matter, instead of the usual red-faced, right-wing, lunatic rants about the evils of teaching evolution and the moral depravity of lesbian moms appearing with a cartoon bunny on PBS.

My only comment tonight is about the media -- and, coincidentally, it concerns this blog. A few weeks ago, my satire partner, David Slavin and I (we write political satire for NPR and The Los Angeles Times) published a piece in the L.A. Times spoofing this very blog site.

Ordinarily, Dave and I are unrepentant lefties in our satire, but hey, when you see that a blog is about to be launched featuring people like Warren Beatty, Norman Mailer, Diane Keaton, Walter Cronkite, etc., well, who could resist? So we wrote a send-up that had all the famous Arianna-blog-people talking to one another online about everything BUT politics -- Beatty's flirting, Mailer's writing his latest novel, Cronkite's baffled by the technology. And it was all in good fun.

But here's the real kicker: Because the piece was on the L.A. Times syndicate, it was picked up by the The New York Post (whose right-wing zeal now makes the WSJ look like Mother Jones). Now, the Post NEVER picks up Slavin's and my satire because we routinely skewer the Administration. But this time they put it smack dab on the same page with the rest of their neocon-artists, then slapped a new headline on it that read: CELEB CHAT FROM HELL.

With a few choice words as a headline, they took what was originally a fun and harmless spoof and framed it in a typically mean-spirited way. Classic.

The good news? I bought a few copies of the Post for my files, and now that I've clipped the article, I can use all the rest of those pages for potty-training my daughters' rabbit. And let me tell you: that rabbit craps a lot.