06/28/2011 03:09 pm ET | Updated Aug 27, 2011

Get to Know a Presbyterian

I know that for many folks, words like "Presbyterian," "Episcopalian," "Methodist" and other fancy schmancy church terms have very little meaning. Right there with ya!

In many ways, these traditional denominations have seen a dramatic decline in not only their numbers but, more importantly, their influence and social capital as well.

At the same time, in many of these denominations there has been an increased interest by young people to recapture the breath and depth of the theological, liturgical and social that they have stood for over the years. None claim perfection and most acknowledge their struggles to be the church that God hopes them to be today.

Recently, 16 videos were published as part of a project that I am part of called, "We Are Presbyterian." With no official tie to the Presbyterian Church (USA), these videos were submitted in response to an invitation for folks to share with others why they were still part of this thing called The Presbyterian Church.

Below are a few of the videos that were submitted from across the country. You can see the full list as well as follow the project on Twitter or Facebook.

Here are a few samples from Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles; Leslie Rodriguez from Nashville, Tenn., and three pastors who call themselves, "Two Friars and a Fool." These are their stories...


Again, for a full list and to see more of the videos, please visit, "We Are Presbyterian" 2011.