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Bryan Monroe

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How Texas' School Board Tried to Pretend Slavery Never Happened and Why Your Kid's School May Be Next

Posted May 24, 2010 | 18:05:45 (EST)

While the rest of the nation was distracted by mid-term primaries, the Gulf oil spill, or where LeBron James will play next season, a handful of conservatives in Texas quietly plotted to rewrite history and reshape the education -- and the minds -- of nearly five million young Texans. And...

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Anatomy of an Internet Rumor: Twitter Falsely Declares Dr. Dorothy Height Dead

Posted March 28, 2010 | 15:33:57 (EST)

At 1:57 ET Saturday afternoon, a Twitter posting by user CLowe1215 shared what sounded like sad news about legendary African American educator and civil rights activist Dr. Dorothy Height:

CLowe1215: RIP to Soror Dorothy Irene Height. She passed today at 12pm! Spread the word and send your...

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Apple's New Tablet? Been There, Done That

Posted January 8, 2010 | 18:45:24 (EST)

Sixteen years ago, in a small office in Boulder, Colo., Roger Fidler was at the top of the newspaper technology world. Behind him was an original Apple Macintosh Duo laptop fitted neatly into its dock, and a Radius Pivot 15" monitor oriented in its signature vertical position.

And sitting on...

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Robert Gibbs vs. April Ryan: The Groan Heard 'Round the Briefing Room

Posted December 7, 2009 | 13:03:24 (EST)

You've probably seen it by now.

Wednesday afternoon at the White House Daily Press Briefing, veteran radio correspondent April Ryan was hitting press secretary Robert Gibbs hard with a line of questioning about the uninvited gate-crashers at last month's state dinner.

Ryan, who reports for American...

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Why New Media Looks A Whole Lot Like Old Media

Posted November 30, 2009 | 18:58:46 (EST)

This week, the Federal Trade Commission will be convening a high-level hearing in D.C. looking at "How Will Journalism Survive The Internet Age."

Media giants like Rupert Murdoch and Arianna Huffington will likely slug it out on pay walls, copyrights and the prospect of

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Who Really Killed Michael Jackson?

Posted August 25, 2009 | 10:32:21 (EST)

MJ to close friend: "Don't leave me, they're trying to kill me."


The word hangs in the air. Somebody killed him. By accident or on purpose. Somebody killed Michael Jackson.

On Monday, the Los Angeles coroner's office reportedly ruled that the 50-year-old "King of Pop"...

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