Is the NBA Anti-Gay? (VIDEO)

06/06/2011 03:23 pm ET | Updated Aug 06, 2011

While the NBA wants the world to focus on the Finals, there's another word that starts with an "F" that's plaguing the league. Yes, the word that ends in "t" -- with "aggot" in the middle. (Think about it.) After two prominent players, including American icon Kobe Bryant, drew fines recently for dropping the "gay F-word" on the court, it begs the question: do we hate the player or hate the game?

The NBA has since released several pro-gay PSAs. But none of them really seem to be hitting the mark in the right way. So, listen up Kobe Bryant and other haters. Next time you feel the urge to call someone a "f****t" on the court, heed this common-sense advice from my PSA. To wit: Don't say it, just think it. Because actions speak louder than words, but thoughts don't make any sound at all.