05/08/2012 03:58 pm ET | Updated Jul 08, 2012

How About We Do Pushups

The clock turns to eleven and everyone hits the floor, palms flat or knuckles down, planking.

Triceps tighten and the counting begins: one, two, 10, 20. It's the How About We pushup challenge, just in time for summer. Every hour, on the hour, the team gets down and sweats it out together (you can opt out if you like, but most don't).

It's one example of the kind of team that is being built across the water and under the bridge, at the Dumbo-based first-date firm. Just as the site encourages offline life, so does the actual company. The team is highly focused on well-rounded personal development, with special attention paid to personal "stretch" goals. Employees are encouraged to take Skillshare classes, bring in educational speakers and to share what's what with their lives with the rest of the gang. The fridge is filled with healthy food and drink, and fitness goals are shared across office. Quarterly dinners are held at swanky spots like Freeman's Alley, and staffers are regular recipients of experiential dates on the house -- one recent winner got a tasting tour at Eataly.

Now Go Forth (and get down and give us 20 good ones).