07/18/2012 12:10 pm ET | Updated Sep 17, 2012

TV on the Canvas

Even if your tastes have evolved from Scream, the slasher movie, to "Scream," the gazillion dollar Edvard Munch original, chances are your budget hasn't kept up. Artsicle is trying to bridge that financial gap, offering members the opportunity to rent original pieces of art for as little as $29 a month.

In the latest edition of our FounderLink series, Artsicle founders Alex Tryon and Scott Carleton talk to Reece Pacheco, founder of, about nuclear engineering, teleportation, and more.

Reece: How did you come up with the name Artsicle?

Alex: We knew we wanted a name that was fun and accessible. We came up with a lot of bad ones, but Artsicle was all Scott. He landed on it in a moment of exhaustion and we didn't even think it was good at first, but all of a sudden it started to stick.

Reece: What do you think is the most relevant piece of advice you've received as a founder?

Alex: "Your idea is wrong. Stop worrying so much about it and just get something done." Most relevant and also the hardest to listen to. I assumed I had a great idea.

Reece: Scott, you were a nuclear engineer for Westinghouse before founding Artsicle. Talk to me about the similarities between nuclear engineering and art.

Scott: No one's ever asked for the similarities before... there are absolutely none. On the one hand, nuclear engineering is very set in its ways. Art is the antithesis. Everyone thinks it's deep, but it's not. Art is simple because it is personal and has no right answer. Nuclear engineering is complicated because of its depth, and there IS a right answer... though... no wait... no similarities, I'm done!

Reece: Your perfect NYC Meal?

Alex: Oooh... I can't decide if I want to go high end or low end. I guess it depends who's paying. I know the night ends at Eleven Madison Park for drinks and dessert. Pommes Frites for an appetizer, then Hill Country chicken... THEN make my way up to Eleven Madison Park.

Reece: If you could have a superhero power, what would it be?

Alex: Mine has changed these days... basically, the ability to teleport. I HATE travel time. I twitch the whole time I'm traveling to get somewhere and not being productive.

Scott: See... I want to stop time. I don't mind traveling, I just need more time to do it. Mine used to be, not having to sleep, but now I value that time.

Reece: If someone wants to get a job at Artiscle, what would be the best way to impress you?

Alex: Persistence. Emailing me whether you see a job posting or not is great, but continuing to email me whether you get to meet us or not, shows us you're a good fit for working with a small team. The best people are the ones who follow through.

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