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Only VP interview thus far

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Media: So, what do you make of your reputation as not being experienced enough to be VP?

SP: Well, it's no different than Obama, I'm a little green he's a little black.

Media: Don't you think that remark was a bit racist?

SP: I refuse to allow you to make racism a focus of this campaign.

Media: Isn't that the same tactic your party is using to make your family matters such as your 17 year old daughter's pregnancy taboo?

SP: You can't stop people from having sex you can only stop them from choosing what to do if they have one in the oven.

Media: Don't you think you will upset a lot of women with your tough stance against abortion?

SP: I love my family very much and I am excited that I will have a grand daughter.

Media: I thought you wanted to keep family matters out of politics?

SP: Then quit asking me significant policy questions.

Media: What are you wearing when you give our speech tonight?

SP: Let me just say that it will be more revealing than my interviews.

Media: I didn't know pantsuits came in armor these days.