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Theory of Relative-ity

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As Sara Palin rides the executive elevator to check out the view from the political penthouse, the media has been relegated to the broom closet for attempting to make her family a campaign issue. Although Obama has said that the press should back off on these kinds of stories, when does what goes on in a candidate's family deserve airtime? When they kill someone? When they are being groomed for the family dynasty? I'm sure there are many groups that believe controversial family matters should never be looked into...the Mafia, and the Jacksons, to name a couple. Although Jimmy Carter's brother Billy's Libyan liaisons proved to be an embarrassment the former president told the press that he hoped they realized that he didn't have any control over what brother says and that Billy had no control over him. It's possible that the reason Sara Palin doesn't do the same thing is because she is avoiding the press like a hobby hunter avoids Dick Cheney. Maybe when she finishes her Vice Presidential 3 day course in campaign miracles and emerges from her convention speech like a twin jet engine spirit of St Louis her handlers will feel she has enough confidence if not to hold office, at least hold a conversation. I do understand her confusion, right now it seems the main responsibility of the VP is simply to remain out of the country till the convention is over, which for the good of our country and the world may have been the best idea.